Independent Contractor Agreement
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Individuals accepting Intercept Interview or audit assignments from On-Site Evaluations are independent contractors. This is a different relationship than that of an employee. As an independent contractor, On-Site Evaluations will NOT withhold any taxes from any payments or compensations you are due from On-Site Evaluations. You will not receive fringe benefits such as unemployment insurance, medical insurance, pension plans, or other such benefits that may be offered to regular employees. As an independent contractor you are solely responsible for any taxes due from any compensation you receive from On-Site Evaluations. If you receive compensation from On-Site Evaluations that totals over $599.00 in a calendar year, On-Site Evaluations will issue a 1099-MISC form in compliance with IRS regulations. - You agree not to accept an assignment if you are an immediate family member, employee or an ex-employee of a client. -You understand and agree that any assignment you are offered and or agree to accept is offered by On-Site Evaluations and you further agree to hold any entities we work with harmless. - When you accept an assignment offered by On-Site Evaluations through the scheduling and confirmation process, the compensation for the assignment is defined and considered agreed upon by both parties. - It is understood that Independent Contractors will supply all tools, transportation, and equipment as may be required for fulfillment of contract specifications. Independent Contractor agrees to indemnify and hold On-Site Evaluations harmless for any claims of injury, accident, disability, or damage that may occur to independent contractor, or contractor's agents or property, in the performance of services on behalf of On-Site Evaluations and On-Site Evaluation’s clients. Independent contractor shall be responsible for all costs such as licenses, fees, fines, or taxes imposed on Contractor as Contractor's cost of doing business. - Should Independent Contractor default in the performance of an assignment, or breach any provisions of this agreement, On-Site Evaluations may terminate this agreement with Contractor immediately. For purposes of this Agreement, breach shall include, but not be limited to, failure on the part of Independent Contractor to fulfill specifications of assignment, failure to complete assignments on time, misrepresentation of facts, theft, dishonesty, or accepting an assignment and failing to complete it without contacting On-Site Evaluations at least 24 hours prior to scheduled completion of the shop. By your electronic acceptance of this agreement (by clicking on submit) you agree that you will be legally bound to the terms in accordance to the laws of the state of Ohio
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